Volunteering With Your Group

First, we at Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity would like to thank you for considering us as the coolest place you'd want to spend time becoming community advocates, partners, and helpers.

Whether you want to volunteer with your workplace, congregation, social club, or friends, WLSHFH is happy to have you. To get started, simply fill out this form and mail it to:

PO Box 1073, Superior, WI 54880 or email it to Madeline Kvale, volunteer@wlshabitat.org

Volunteer Group Interest Form


Here are some of the perks of volunteering with your group:

  1. Habitat swag for you and your team members
  2. A shout-out on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages
  3. A big ol hug
  4. That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you know you're building your local community